Effective Exploratory Testing: Context-Driven Testing Framework

What is a Context-Driven Testing Framework being used in this article? It is really not a process which mandates all testers to follow. It is like a good practice or a heuristic instead and is used to […]

Halloween 2018! Software Testing needs a Silver Bullet

Software is like a werewolf, normally it looks very nice until the full moon comes out and it transforms to be a monster. The full moon happens when the software hits to a critical bug in the production. If a werewolf is only to kill someone whom it is facing with, a werewolf-like bug […]

A Scripting Framework for Automation

An automation framework is a common set of tools, guidelines, and principles for your tests. Having a framework helps to minimize test script maintenance. This article we are not talking about any automation tool specific. But, what we mentioned here is about the […]

Getting Started with API Testing

What is the API? API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface. It’s a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software and application. The main purpose of API is to enable communication and data exchange between 2 separate software […]

Effective Exploratory Testing: Empower Your Exploratory Testing With Smart Tools – A Case Study (2)

A part of the solution for effectively with graphing your testing has been implemented by MeU Solutions that integrated into a tool called […]

Effective Exploratory Testing (Special Series): Empower Your Exploratory Testing With Smart Tools (1)

Scripted Testing (Traditional Testing) in Agile & DevOps world: While we are living in a multidimensional context manner, why we are testing our applications with […]