New features are added, bugs are reported — so, the testers have to work on the testing – they will carry out the regression testing of course. Somehow the regression testing was failed, the question is, “WHY DOES YOUR REGRESSION […]

Effective Exploratory Testing (Part 5): Risk-based Exploratory Testing

Exploratory testing combines with Risk-based testing will be more efficient. Presence of risk-based testing in your exploration will give a clear direction, remove wastes and stay focused on the project’s goal […]

[Mindmap] Risk-based Testing Overview by MeU Solutions

What is Risk-based testing Risk-based testing (RBT) is a type of software testing that functions as an organizational principle used to prioritize the tests of features and functions in software, based on the risk of failure, the function of […]

[Video] OWASP – Insecure Direct Object References – Have you known it intimately?

Insecure Direct Object References (IDOR) is referenced in element A4 of OWASP top 10 in 2013 edition. It’s no longer in top ten as an individual but was merged into A5 – Broken Access Control in top 10 OWASP […]

How to improve eCommerce website testing with exploratory testing

In the previous article, we talked about using Exploratory testing in game testing effectively. Today, we will learn and practice more about how to improve e-commerce app testing with the Exploratory testing – this practice will base on […]

[Mindmap] Testing ideas for E-commerce Website Testing

In this article, we will list some testing ideas for E-commerce Website Testing in mindmap format which are specific for testing e-commerce websites in general. The ideas presented here are at high-level test cases which are […]