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What are Test Oracles and Test Heuristics

In the world of testing, we frequently hear the words Test Heuristics and Test Oracles, however what are they and how we can execute them into our day by day testing activities? Test oracle is a mechanism that determines […]

Improve Collaboration Between Tech Team Members

Many organizations today find it increasingly challenging to raise or maintain team collaboration across the workplace. And yes, team collaboration is the cornerstone […]

Why I Record All My Test Sessions – A picture is worth a thousand words

In communication, how do you convince others and get their trust? Of course, every word is convincing when it is right, and there must be clear evidence of what you want […]

The Importance Of Server Hardening

If you are working in any field, at least you have ever heard about the term “Server”. Especially in the IT field, you must know how vital servers are for the business because servers are places for businesses […]

We are building new HR software that makes your life easier

Back in the day, when all HR documents were stored on paper, going into the HR office was like entering a library: A hallowed, hushed environment where valuable texts …

Check out Our New Case Study: How We Helped a Multi-channel Bill Payment Service Provider Improve Software Quality

At MeU Solutions, we help clients gain valuable insights about […]

Does A Tester Have To Learn And Write Code? Is It Required?

It’s not a new question, it’s a very common question which has been discussed and asked many times by software testers, especially new […]

Selenium Webdriver for Automation Testing using OCR Technology with simple CAPTCHA

s we all know, automation testing is growing today, and certainly, in the future, the demand for […]

Effective Exploratory Testing: Machine Learning to Empower Your Exploratory Testing Power (1)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was coined in 1955 by John McCarthy […]

Effective Exploratory Testing: Build Positive Energy and Exploratory Testing with Your Passion

In this article, we won’t discuss the exploratory testing technique or how to perform it in ways that […]

Clinical Trial Software Testing – Healthcare Application Testing

What is Clinical Trial Data Management (CTDM)? Clinical Trial data management (CTDM) is a critical phase in clinical research, […]

To Build Your Code Quality (Chapter A): Secure Coding (Part 3)

Continuing secure coding is for the group of authentication & Password Management Issue. On use standpoint view, authentication […]

Good Practices to Build Security Automation for DevOps

The software application is now becoming more and more complex. The process of software development has been […]

To Build Your Code Quality (Chapter A): Secure Coding (Part 2)

In the previous part, we have mentioned to threats from Input Validation, Man-In-Middle, Session Management, Error Handling […]

QA Automation Pipeline with CI/CD – Cucumber + Xray (Jira) + Selenium (Ruby) + Jenkins

With the popularity of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery practices, automated testing is […]

To Build Your Code Quality (Chapter A): Secure Coding (Part 1)

From the roots of issues Code quality’s always a matter of software engineering. It’s hard to measure the level of code quality and even to define it. As a result of searching […]

A Practice for Building Your DevOps Delivery Pipeline

DevOps is more and more popular in this era. It can be seen as a combination between agile and lean to improve the software delivery. Searching for DevOps, it doesn’t lead us a unique result. A lot of […]


It is important to test e-commerce websites to see how your system performs under a particular load, how quickly product pages will load, see how it will handle traffic […]

Getting Started on Automated Testing: Writing Your First Automation Test Case With Selenium Webdriver

In the previous article “Getting Started on Automated Testing: Let start […]

Getting Started on Automated Testing: Let start with What, Why and When questions

What is the automation testing? Testers perform manual testing by executing test cases in Test suites to provide Passed/Failed results for […]

Scripting Development Mindset in Automation Testing

Here is the next article in a series of practical mindsets for automation tester. In previous, we showed 10 Good Practices to be an Expert in Automation Testing and A […]

Globalization Testing – Testing Across The Boundary

Nowadays, most software is designed for thousands of users around the world. With the rapidly developing interaction between people, cultures, and countries […]

Automated your API testing with Postman and Jenkins

Just like some others type of automated test, automate API testing biggest strength are time saving and reliable. In real life projects, times are very precious, executed all test cases must be fast and accurate […]

Effective Exploratory Testing: Context-Driven Testing Framework

What is a Context-Driven Testing Framework being used in this article? It is really not a process which mandates all testers to follow. It is like a good practice or a heuristic instead and is used to […]

Halloween 2018! Software Testing needs a Silver Bullet

Software is like a werewolf, normally it looks very nice until the full moon comes out and it transforms to be a monster. The full moon happens when the software hits to a critical bug in the production. If a werewolf is only to kill someone whom it is facing with, a werewolf-like bug […]

A Scripting Framework for Automation

An automation framework is a common set of tools, guidelines, and principles for your tests. Having a framework helps to minimize test script maintenance. This article we are not talking about any automation tool specific. But, what we mentioned here is about the […]

Getting Started with API Testing

What is the API? API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface. It’s a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software and application. The main purpose of API is to enable communication and data exchange between 2 separate software […]

Effective Exploratory Testing: Empower Your Exploratory Testing With Smart Tools – A Case Study (2)

A part of the solution for effectively with graphing your testing has been implemented by MeU Solutions that integrated into a tool called […]

Effective Exploratory Testing (Special Series): Empower Your Exploratory Testing With Smart Tools (1)

Scripted Testing (Traditional Testing) in Agile & DevOps world: While we are living in a multidimensional context manner, why we are testing our applications with […]

Effective Exploratory Testing (Part 3): Explore It, Automate It

Exploratory testing is the simultaneous learning, design, and execution throughout all heuristics and test-oracles. It emphasizes the freedom, responsibility and the wisdom (skills, knowledge, […]

[Video] One2Explore – Graphing feature for workflow testing

MeU Solutions now includes a new module of One2Explore tool that supports Exploratory and Session-Based Testing practices more effectively, called Graphing module. The idea behind this […]

10 Good Practices to be an Expert in Automation Testing

After a long time worked with automation testing, worked in many automation projects and interviewed many automation testers, collaborated with hundreds of automation testers in a big project, we recognized […]


When launching a website (or re-launching it), you can often forget some things in your eagerness to make it live, that means you cannot launch the product without doing the necessary testing […]


New features are added, bugs are reported — so, the testers have to work on the testing – they will carry out the regression testing of course. Somehow the regression testing was failed, the question is, […]

Effective Exploratory Testing (Part 5): Risk-based Exploratory Testing

Exploratory testing combines with Risk-based testing will be more efficient. Presence of risk-based testing in your exploration will give a clear direction, remove wastes and stay focused on the project’s goal […]

[Mindmap] Risk-based Testing Overview by MeU Solutions

What is Risk-based testing Risk-based testing (RBT) is a type of software testing that functions as an organizational principle used to prioritize the tests of features and functions in software, based on the risk of failure, the function of […]

[Video] OWASP – Insecure Direct Object References – Have you known it intimately?

Insecure Direct Object References (IDOR) is referenced in element A4 of OWASP top 10 in 2013 edition. It’s no longer in top ten as an individual but was merged into A5 – Broken Access Control in top 10 OWASP […]

How to improve eCommerce website testing with exploratory testing

In the previous article, we talked about using Exploratory testing in game testing effectively. Today, we will learn and practice more about how to improve e-commerce app testing with the Exploratory testing – this practice will base on […]

[Mindmap] Testing ideas for E-commerce Website Testing

In this article, we will list some testing ideas for E-commerce Website Testing in mindmap format which are specific for testing e-commerce websites in general. The ideas presented here are at high-level test cases which are […]

[Video] CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) Attacks tutorial & Exploit CSRF in DVWA (Low, High Level)

A successful CSRF attack can be devastating for both the business and user. It can result in damaged client relationships, unauthorized fund transfers changed passwords and data theft—including stolen […]

Exploratory Testing vs. Traditional Testing: An Experiment for Measuring The Efficiency

Exploratory Testing has been found to be cost-effective and defect detection efficiency in software testing by integrating design, execution, and analysis of tests during a testing session. At Meu […]

[Video] XSS – Cross Site Scripting – More dangerous than you think!

Watch this video tutorial — a video from MEU SOLUTIONS, if you want to learn about XSS (Cross Site Scripting) exploit, It’s more dangerous than you think. You will also learn how to prevent this attack. Remember to Like, […]

Effective Exploratory Testing (Part 1): Some good practices

Context-Driven is a combination of skills, technique, documentation that depends on specific situations. Testing is a solution to given problems. it must be suitable to the context of the project, and therefore testing is a human activity […]

More effective mobile game testing with exploratory testing

More effective game testing with exploratory testing and how to approach the game testing effectively is our focus today.
Games are particularly a good exploration environment and […]

How Much Testing is Enough?

This is a question that I have been asked when conducting my training. In a conference event about exploratory testing when Paul Holland was keynote speaker, I was talking to him, I also asked him […]

4 Big Fears That Junior Tester Meet When Apply Exploratory Testing (ET)

We know when applying exploratory testing (ET), it requires exploratory testers to build test models, use them with all skills, heuristics, practices to explore, reasoning questions, evaluate and […]

[Video] OWASP Top 10 series (Part 1): SQL Injection exploitation- step by step

Penetration tester team at MeU […]

[Mindmap] Mobile Game Testing Checklist

This is a mobile game checklist list from Meu Solutions in the form of mindmap. This will help the tester to perform the testing on any generic mobile game testing on any platform. It will help the AUT […]

Global IoT security spending will reach $1.5 Billion in 2018

Internet of Things (IoT)-based attacks are already a reality. A recent CEB, now Gartner, the survey found that nearly 20 percent of organizations observed at least […]

Effective Exploratory Testing (Part 4): A Practice of Pair Exploratory Testing

Usually, we see a baby’s mind as a blank slate, we believe that s/he is irrational, egocentric and unable to think logically. However, recent […]

OWASP Top 10 Application Security Risks – 2017

Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is an organization filled with security experts from around the world who provide information about applications […]

Degree of Exploratory Testing: Dear Master! I want to earn new belt

Cem Kaner defines exploratory testing as “a style of software testing that emphasizes the personal freedom and responsibility of […]

Effective Exploratory Testing (Part 2): More Effective With Pair Exploratory Testing

Pair Testing is an approach of software testing in which two persons sit together at the same time and place to carry out […]

[Video] Using One2Explore to perform an exploratory testing session for StickyNotes

With One2Explore capabilities, the exploratory testing is more […]

Context-Based Management – Metrics and The Dangers

“You Cannot Measure It, You Cannot Manage It” – It’s a favorite quote of many managers. At my side, I love to measure everything in my project. But how to translate the […]

Football (Soccer) and Testing: Crazy!!!

“Crazy” is a correct word for the match yesterday between U23VN and U23 Qatar. Crazy is not only in the way that U23 presented to their competitor and all audiences […]

Football (Soccer) and Testing

Whatever the next game result is, U23 VN will have to continue their journey forever. Likely the testing will not end. Let’s keep these moments and make ourselves to be joy & happy and to be sharp […]

[Checklist] Test Ideas for The Search Function

“Search” can be a good candidate which help you practice building test ideas. This document is the initiation for your practice by leverage heuristics and oracles to […]

To Build Your Test Ideas Effectively In Context-Driven Testing

Consider that you are testing a Login page with the “User Name” […]

One2Automate – An innovative-effective automation framework

One2Automate is an innovative-effective automation framework with a rich set of features for […]

Heuristic Testing Model To Enrich Your Test

The Heuristic Test Strategy Model is a set of patterns for designing a test strategy. The immediate purpose of this model is to remind […]

Test Planning 2.0 with mind-maps

Testing is huge area of ideas and creativity. Every phase of testing has its own methods and terminologies. It is up to the individual […]