Effectively Managed Testing

MeU Solutions offers our clients strong and dedicated testing teams for a full range of professional testing services, from various testing types to adaptive and flexible performing testing in various forms of agile.
By providing various testing types like functional tests, story tests, prototypes, exploratory tests and scenario tests… Our clients always surprise by MeU testing approaches with their products. MeU escapes old school to follow a new school of context-driven testing that takes almost our tester’s time to test client’s products in a given context. Differently, testing with MeU is a process of exploring, observing, evaluating and asking with using logical & creative thinking to light the quality of the product under test, almost effort was led to work with software rather than documentation.

Our Focus

MeU test engineers are as explorers who are trained to treat their client’s products like theirs, they must be mindful-skilled, focus on their client success rather than making them happy. Working with MeU people, all clients realize:

Great attitude & Bright Mind

High commitment & integrity, Always Self-improved, Client Success & Goal-oriented, Modeling & Analytical thinking.


Academic Qualifications

Require all personnel to possess appropriate academic credentials & qualifications


Skill Qualifications

Surprisingly, mindful-skills is the most important, context-driven testing, exploratory test, black-box, white-box, story test, end-to-end


Strong and various Technologies

jMeter, Selenium, Appium, Telerik, QTP, CodedUI, HP tools, cucumber, ruby, groovy, locust, Geb, Cloud-based tools – SauceLabs, BrowserStack

Our Services Include

  • Manual testing: exploratory testing story testing, TDD, BDD, functional testing, UI testing, integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing.
  • Automation testing, security testing, performance testing, load testing, and unit testing.
  • Mobile application testing: interaction testing, interrupt testing, network testing, installation testing, compatibility testing, localization testing, and usability testing.

If you don’t see the software testing solution you’re looking for, don’t worry, please feels free to send us a request for it.