Web Application Development

At MeU Solutions, we create outstanding web applications, value practical solutions, beautiful and intelligent designs, clean code, good architecture, and above all we are committed to the success of your company.

We’ve been designing, building and supporting many high/large scale web application projects from data-warehouse to social network. The key part of any high-scale web applications is the database. At MeU Solutions, we’ve developed database applications for various clients. We’ve focused on customized database applications using advanced technologies and expert staff to build user-friendly, efficient and reliable solutions. We can help you both in relational database development as well as in document database systems and other NoSQL solutions. As a reliable web application development company, MeU Solutions has earned a high reputation, so you can trust us with your largest and most ambitious projects.


Expertise on Technologies

MeU Solutions with the expertise of large scale web application development offering a range of solutions to build a high performance, ready-to-scale website. Our web development expertise spans wide and far using technologies such as PHP, ASP.net, jQuery, JavaScript (Angular JS, React JS, Vue JS), Require.JS, Durandal JS, HTML 5 and JSON.

Web Development

MeU made significant progress, successfully completing the first project phase and delivering a demo for potential customers. MeU distinguished themselves with their responsive communication, agile methodology, and security testing expertise.

Hieu Nguyen Founder & CTO

They have a collaborative attitude and a willingness to cover items outside of the initial scope. The system has helped to improve workflow and overall performance. Delivering core components quickly, the team continues to produce segments on time. Their expertise promotes progress, making them a valuable partner.

Manh Nguyen IT Director

Exceptional Web Application Development Services

We provide comprehensive Web development services that give your customers delightful user experience and increase the ROI of your business, run over hand-held devices.

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