“Testing is to make informed decisions about quality possible…”

– James Bach

One2Explore has been recognized its value in exploratory testing at a Computer Science Conference in Spain and published an article in its book at


One2Explore and One2Test are innovative tools to sharpen and perfect the testing in a Context-Driven manner. By these tools, stakeholders are informed visually their product quality, reveal quality-related risks, and point out the opportunity to improve their product quality.
One2Explore is a record-based tool to capture all user (tester) actions and relevant data for the web and mobile applications. One2Explore is integrated into One2Test as a part of testing complete solutions.
One2Test is a Testing Dashboard and Context-Driven Testing Planner. It provides clear, concise directions, performs analysis of exploratory testing efficiency, and make informed decisions with a picture.

One2Explore’s features

  • Records testing activities, relevant data, and snapshot testing screens
  • Exploratory Test Planner with test charters
  • Test Session Management
  • Robust Documentation
  • Note taker for testing execution and debrief
  • Charter-based Bug Tracking
  • Integration-Capability with other systems: JIRA, Test Link and One2Test

One2Test’s Features

  • Testing Quality and Testing Progress Dashboard
  • Testing Efficiency Analysis
  • Testing Comparation by Runs




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