MeU Solutions was formed by a team of passionate, Ms-qualified computer & testing engineers. We are relentless in our pursuit of innovation to provide the right solutions to our clients with outstanding outcomes.

We believe that a solution could bring most success to a company. We would not offer a cheap and high-quality service which employs the right people to create the right solutions in the right context. “Skills Over Jargons” – while many other companies use beautiful words to describe their capability, we use skills to demonstrate our value through our work. We never stop seeking out solutions to be “from good to great”. Our Solutions and innovations can be seen in Our Stories of Differences and Our Tools



  • Multiple skill & passionate software testers: Surprisingly, our testers are not only performing a few types of testing, most of them can do “all-in-one” – all testing such as: security, performance, manual & automation in one project
  • Our testers can build the software: All of our products (Shinobi, One2Automate, One2Explore and One2Test) with participation of our testers in developer role and Product Owner because we understand what testers needing
  • Never satisfy with only one solution: “From Good To Better” is not only motto, it’s mantra in our working style
  • Accept changes and challenges as a part of our culture: We understand that change is a nature. We change ourselves over time as self-improvement. We look at into changes in the project as its growth. If there is no change, it means it has been ended
  • Client’s Success is over Client’s Satisfaction: Many companies promote & proud of their client’s satisfaction. We believe that client’s satisfaction doesn’t mean the client’s success. We make you happy, it’s not sensed as we make you better