Shift-Right Testing

Early testing is good, but getting feedback from end-user standpoints for products under production is better.

A few reasons to adopt the Shift-Right Testing approach

MeU-Solutions offers a service of testing in form of crowd-based where our client’s products are verified and validated during they are going live. Our clients feel that their products never sleep under our service umbrella. Our testers are as explorers that would help in requirements elicitation phase: this one side of the coin. Our testers learn and explore the way users use products under test, comparing with market competitor’s to uncover myths of products.

More testing, earlier testing, and broader testing, all contribute to a well-rounded product. Any business that hopes to survive must also care about the digital impression and connect it provides to its customers, even if it has a physical product. Ultimately, including testing as a process right from the get-go of the application lifecycle process and refining the test cases as per user feedback, both are not only desired but also essential for businesses to guarantee digital assurance.

Being a global leader in the independent software testing and quality engineering services, MeU Solutions is a strong advocate of Quality Assurance and its implementation right from the early stages of the software lifecycle. We encourage customer feedback and believe in including such feedback in our broader testing approach. We take great measures to ensure that we are fully equipped with state-of-the-art services and have partnered with other experts that specialize in providing testing services. Talk to us. 

Enhancing Customer Experience

Through shifting testing right, customer issues are effectively collected. Upon obtaining the feedback, the collection of issues is then translated into technical and business languages. This helps isolate each issue and improve it, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience.

High Test Coverage

A Shift-Right approach to testing empowers the test engineers to test more, test on-time and test late. That translates to lesser bugs (at a basic stage), better quality (at an elevated stage) and delighted customer experience ratio.

More Scope for Automation

Automation saves time, plain and simple. When patches and features are being built into an application, automating large parts and even the whole process saves precious time. User Interface (UI) automation, once the application is stable at a core-functional level, is crucial for testing with speed. Shifting testing to right enables you to do just that!

With MeU Shift-Right Test Services

you can pick one of two options

  • $20 Per Bug
    • Pay For Bug
      • Only pay for bugs identified
      • No overhead, No attrition, No rapidly escalating ways and facility cost
      • Price is very competitive, being charged by bug severity
      • Testing is always on
      • Scalability and Ease of up-down
  • $2500 Per Bash
    • Pay for Bash
      • A fixed price for a bug bucket
      • No overhead, No attrition, No rapidly escalating ways and facility cost
      • Always have: Live Support and Quality Risk Report
      • Testing is always on
      • Scalability and Ease of up-down