Your software to test under real-world conditions by real users allowing you to gather realistic inside feedback and to identify defects in cost and time efficient manner.

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To own an amazing team of testing with deep technological know-how, high passion & committed and modeling thinking to deliver great value and build in confidence of product quality.

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If your project adopts Agile method and you have existing manual test cases, Sign-On Package is the best choice for your automation in term of cost-effective.

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ONE Security is Security Testing As Services which is designed by MeU Solutions. Our service is to propose a systematic approach to accessing your infrastructure and your web application is ideal for uncovering any risks you might be unaware of.

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Offshore Development Centers (ODC) is a cost-effective model for your organizations that want to increase your productivity by reducing costs and without organizing new working places and spending time on searching and hiring reliable & talent professionals.

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MeU Solutions is sometimes engaged by you to provide consulting services over a short period of time in the detailed business requirement definition, systems design and other services for the formulation of the very concrete specifications that are typically required prior to the entering into fixed-price contracts for software development.

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… The beauty of a smart solution is not only to solve given problems, but also to sharp our mind brighter.

At MeU-Solutions, we believe that a solution could bring most success to a company. We offer cost-effective and high-quality service which employs the right people to create the right solutions in the right context. We invest much in our people in order to be the best because we understand that human resources always play a key driver of our business model. All of our solutions are value-driven, stability and efficiency-oriented.

Partnering with us, surprisingly our clients recognize that we have given up traditional approaches and have invested new methods in engineering software industry. Our clients feel that their engineering never sleep.

Our belief is that talent people could efficiently create and implement innovation to our clients’ business.



MeU is approaching its testing completely difference
As a child feeling boring with current invaluable education, MeU accepted to give up old school where promotes value of documentation by deriving test-cases in details and “bias” believe in written requirements, MeU has just begun a new great journey with school of Context Driven Testing. It was a story of true value-adding. Read more to see more about story and download the tools
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A Story of powering automation tests with our free selenium libs
A rich object repository and a set of object-interaction library are built on a selenium which has speed-up our clients in automating the projects. With an Object-Oriented library, costs of automation effort will be minimized, while maintenance will be increased. The library is free to use under MeU’s IP. Read more to see more about story and download the library
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A Story of MeU Approach’s Security Testing
Cybersecurity testing is rather new to testers in Vietnam in general and MeU Solutions in particular. However, recognizing high needs from the markets as well as we believed that cybersecurity testing helps us to stay on the top of testing technology and quickly to be a leading testing technology vendor in VN. So, strategically we decided to invest to build this kind of service that started off with hiring and training talent QA Specialists. Read more to see more about story
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