Consulting Testing Service

MeU Solution offers our client range of free consulting services that leverage methodological expertise from Sharp-In-U – a testing consulting organization. Sharp-In-U to play Testing Center of Excellence where developing and enriching testing practices and methodology. MeU clients always recognize value-added over the time from process streamlines and optimization.
MeU Solution and Sharp-In-U are two hubs of software testing with sharing common mission of quality built-in.
Our Services Include:


Solution definition: Partnering with MeU, all clients know that we are not order takers, we always seek out improvements inside-out. From perfecting testing skills with each individual to defining right strategic approaches for given problems with more of good testing practices. All solutions must be realistic, valuable and long-term.


Professional Training: A training delivery for both testers or MeU client testers. Training with a diverse skills ranging from scientific testing school to new modern testing school like rapid testing. Incorporating with SIU, MeU doesn’t need to retain heavy internal training center (cost center), but less efficient. MeU focuses on delivering products rather than putting a leg into the field with little expertise.


Testing Audits: SIU provides our client a service for testing audits to identify their own process failable. Audit team is a group of highly skill testers with solid experiences in software engineering industry. The most value of this audit is not only to identify gaps in establishing testing process, but pointing out how to get it better.