You can start your testing project with us really promptly. No need to postpone it for weeks, we will launch as quickly as you are ready.

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There is no QA task that is too small or too large for us. We work with projects of any size and complexity. Please, contact us and we will handle any of them.


Order QA services when you need them, make a pause and get back again when required. We are ready to adjust to your project timeline.

13+ years of


100+ projects


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What We Do

With a profound expertise in testing an extensive range of iOS, Android and web applications, delivery quality apps to global clientele is an excellence we flourish in.

At MeU Solutions, the manual testing solutions are refined with a blend of testing process, tools & technologies and good practices, in order to ensure that the best value is delivered without defects in an accelerated time-frame.

Automation Testing proves its value from time reduction of regression test and cutting down the time to market with significant cost savings on a long term basis. With the Agile method, automation is mandatory for its success.

MeU performs mobile application testing to ensure full functionality, high performance and high security of mobile software and, thus, to enable customers to increase income and enter new markets.

MeU, a leading context-driven testing/ agile testing in Vietnam with its matured Agile Testing/ QA practices, extensive experience of test and life-cycle automation testing solutions helps you build the right QA capabilities for Agile.

MeU provides security and penetration testing of applications to protect business data, personal information and ensure your application is secured from any vulnerabilities and met the standard security requirements.

How We Do

We offer strong and dedicated testing teams for a full range of professional testing services, from various testing types to adaptive and flexible performing testing in various forms of Agile.

Early testing is good, but getting feedback from end-user standpoints for products under production is better.

By providing various testing types like functional tests, story tests, prototypes, exploratory tests and scenario tests…

Is to propose a systematic approach to assess of your web application is ideal for uncovering any risks you might be unaware of.

If your project adopts Agile and has manual test cases, this Package is the best choice for your automation in term of cost-effective.

By offering a range of consulting services that leverage methodological expertise and deep insight into your QA processes

More Than Testing

We help companies and organizations to be able to grow business based on a strong reputation and reliable software by performing our QA services. A verified, quality process ensures earns and enhances end users’ confidence and trust.

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Pay for testing as you would pay for any other service. Not for ongoing staffing costs and project delays.

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Suits application development life-cycle for projects of any size and duration, including Waterfall.

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Adapting our methodology to reflect a project change and ensuring the testing is never road-blocked.

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Our testers have the knowledge, accreditations and practice from hundreds of applications they tested

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Continual communication during and after each project for a successful bilateral collaboration

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Providing a professional testing service real-time, which are available 'as' and 'when' you need it.

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Please, tell us about the solution you need to test, about testing types, start time, project duration, anything you consider important... and we will get in touch with you with a quote shortly.

MeU made significant progress, successfully completing the first project phase and delivering a demo for potential customers. MeU distinguished themselves with their responsive communication, agile methodology, and security testing expertise.

Hieu Nguyen Founder & CTO

The collaboration was marked by problem-free project management. If any questions or issues popped up, their team was prompt at getting in touch. What stood out the most, though, was their detailed weekly status reports, which helped fill a skill gap in the internal team.

Hieu Nguyen Product Manager

I would say quality and intelligence and teamwork, those are the 3 things that I think some of our engagement with MeU and the way that our quality assurance tester was able to accomplish a lot with that on the daily basis and also fit in the team and really be part of what we do every day.


MeU did a very good job and delivered a very good quality product. The team delivered high-quality results within a tight time-frame.

Dale BeGroup QA Manager