Why MeU?

We help companies thrive in the digital world by turning ideas into reality with high quality. Moreover, we commit to the success of your company.

We got solutions to your problems

We build our business for this sole purpose and we are capable to do it because we are outstanding with:

Highly & Broad skills & Widen Industry Domain: A problem is only solved effectively by highly-Broaden-skilled people with quite solid domain knowledge from as many related disciplines as possible. We give you a complete vision of the best possible solutions

Persistence for multiple solutions: “From Good To Better” is not only motto, it’s mantra in our work style.

Client’s Success in mind over Client’s Satisfaction: Many companies promote & proud of their client’s satisfaction. We believe that client’s satisfaction doesn’t represent client’s success.

Multiple disciplines: We are not only an outsourcer, but we are engineering plenty of products including Shinobi, One2Automate, One2Explore, and One2Test to amplify our services capability. Staying on the top of smart technology and machine learning that helps us to drive more values into our client’s business and create miracle successes.

Acceptance in changes and challenges as a part of our culture: We understand that change is a nature. We change ourselves over time towards self-improvement. We look at changes in the project with its growth. If there is no change, it means it has ended.


Core Values

At its core, MeU is a value-driven and reputation-driven company.


When having something developed for your business, time is money. So we make sure our teams are efficient and get the project done on time. Learning from the many successful projects already completed by MeU, we identify and implement incremental improvements that set new standards for efficiency in the IT industry. And we are always open to communication.

Trust and Confidence

The most important factor for lasting outsourcing success is a good relationship between the team and the client. This requires absolute trust and confidence in the team, the project, and all the milestones. Our engineers early on learn to have a positive and respectful attitude for the projects and for our clients. Every process in MeU is transparent.

Customer Focus

Customers are what drives us, what inspired us to find entire teams of developers, testers, designers, BAs dedicated to a project. Every member brings their experience on similar projects and in working with customers to create an overall focus on customer satisfaction. Repeat customers are a big portion of our business, and that only encourages us to keep the focus on our customers.

What Clients Are Saying

MeU made significant progress, successfully completing the first project phase and delivering a demo for potential customers. MeU distinguished themselves with their responsive communication, agile methodology, and security testing expertise.

Hieu Nguyen Founder & CTO

The collaboration was marked by problem-free project management. If any questions or issues popped up, their team was prompt at getting in touch. What stood out the most, though, was their detailed weekly status reports, which helped fill a skill gap in the internal team.

Hieu Nguyen Product Manager

I would say quality and intelligence and teamwork, those are the 3 things that I think some of our engagement with MeU and the way that our quality assurance tester was able to accomplish a lot with that on the daily basis and also fit in the team and really be part of what we do every day.


They have a collaborative attitude and a willingness to cover items outside of the initial scope. The system has helped to improve workflow and overall performance. Delivering core components quickly, the team continues to produce segments on time. Their expertise promotes progress, making them a valuable partner.

Manh Nguyen IT Director

MeU did a very good job and delivered a very good quality product. The team delivered high-quality results within a tight time-frame.

Dale BeGroup QA Manager

Our Competitive Advantages


We never stop trying to do a better job. By doing so, we improve ourselves, take real pride in our work, and deliver higher quality work for our clients.


Passion is what keeps us going! It’s what pushes us to make a difference. We don’t want to be just any other company. You see it and experience it!


We embrace our work and commit to delivering on our commitments to our clients, partners, employees, and the communities where we operate.


Teamwork makes the best of each of us and boosts our individual capabilities. It means everyone puts in his/her best efforts to support a shared goal.


MeU fosters its team member’s confidence, providing access to great mentors, resources, and training while instilling high standards.


With passion and commitment to move from an idea to reality, the possibilities are limitless. We thrive on helping our clients make their innovation a reality!

Transparent Pricing

No tricks or hidden fees – you’ll know exactly how much you’re paying before getting into a relationship with our developers.

Flexibility: Ramp Up and Ramp Down

MeU can build you an entire team of skilled IT specialists in a month, a process that takes many months in other countries and with less effective methods.

Flexible engagement models

Companies partner with MeU to achieve their innovation agendas. Depending on your requirements, we provide the engagement model to match.

Pool of Talented Professionals

Vietnam is the hub of choice for smart and efficient IT specialists. Their technical expertise is very advanced – so you get what you asked for.

Talented Specialists Dedicated to Your Project

Each project is different, so we make sure to gather a team that fits your need specifically – from skills to personality.

Competitive Costs and Salaries

Use MeU and save a minimum of 30% – that doesn’t even account for the added value of having a dedicated, highly skilled IT team on your project.

Consulting Services

Our services match your search?

Contact us and we’ll have one of our experts reach out to you to discover how we can lead your project to success.