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We are building new HR software that makes your life easier

Back in the day, when all HR documents were stored on paper, going into the HR office was like entering a library: A hallowed, hushed environment where valuable texts containing the secrets of the employee universe were stored.

In this office, you would find wall-to-wall filing cabinets, as stern-looking HR clerks would interrogate you before they trusted you enough to share with you the information you needed.

HRs are the bread and butter of any company. That’s why it’s important to streamline HR processes and make the lives of HR managers and employees easier. For this purpose, we present our vision of building a successful HRIS (Human Resource Information System) software application for HR, a properly-implemented HRIS makes human resource management and operations easier and more efficient, can help take your business to the next level. Here’s how…


Solving HR concerns or problems

How overwhelming can it be to ensure business success in this volatile world of distributed teams, emerging technologies, and ever evolving compliance regulations? The survey reveals that the industry concerns fall under these three categories:

HR management concerns
  • Employee (esp. millennial) engagement and retention (48%)
  • Leadership development and managing skill gaps (45%)
  • Best talent recruiting (41%)
HR area concerns
  • Recruiting (28%)
  • Performance (27%)
  • Learning and development (21%)
Technology concerns
  • HR systems integration
  • The latest tools and technology for efficiency
  • HR technology satisfying compliance requirements
  • Sound data and analytics for a holistic view of the workforce

Let’s take a closer look at the existing software tools and identify where they fail to deliver value.

Key Features of Human Resource Management System

“HR management software helps improve business efficiency by automating workforce, recruitment, payroll and compliance management processes, to name a few. It combines all these elements in a central location, making all employee information accessible to all relevant personnel.”

— According to FinancesOnline

Human resource management software, sometimes also known as HRIS system (Human Resource Information System), has made its way to the market as all types of businesses become aware of the benefits offered by such systems. What this software does is basically unites all recruitment and workforce management tasks under the single roof. It executes different human resource and administration processes in a centralized manner, allows assigning tasks, monitoring their performance and evaluating the progress. It also allows rewarding the best performers. 

Let’s see which features can be considered key for a good Human Resource Management System.

  1. Providing security to employees
  2. Selective hiring: Hiring the right people
  3. Self-managed and effective teams
  4. Fair and continuous performance-based compensation
  5. Explosion of feedback, pulse survey & analytics tools
  6. Training in relevant skills
  7. Creating a flat and egalitarian organization
  8. Making information easily accessible to those who need it

Benefits of HR software

Let’s consider some benefits of HR software solutions.


Your company spends a pretty penny on employee turnover. According to multiple studies, you lose from 16% up to 213% of employee’s annual salary when he/she leaves.

For instance, SHRM study found out that when you replace a salaried manager with $40,000 of annual earnings, youspend around $20,000-$30,000 on his/her training and recruiting expenses.

The CAP study revealed the average amount of money you spend to replace employees of different salary levels. Underneath, you can see the results.


Benefits of HR software: Cut on expenses of employee turnover by annual salary rates

HR solutions can help you to reduce these numbers by making sure employees’ needs are met. Moreover, with it’s help, your human resource personnel can find appropriate candidates with more ease which decreases the likelihood to hire a wrong person and drives up revenue.

Improved time management

Your HR staff can’t get more working time which makes it necessary to create a time-saving environment for them. The first thing that should be optimized is various manual manipulations like data entry and checking candidates for openings. By automating these insignificant at first sight processes through the HR tech solution, human resources department will have more time for more important matters like working with legal issues, enforcing policy of the company etc.

HR software allows businesses don’t waste their time and optimize in-house resources focusing them on key business areas.

Accurate insights

It’s hard to imagine how much data comes through the company’s HR department nowadays. Employees physically can’t process it all and some parts of valuable information may be overlooked.

Human resources software provides companies with huge benefits of working with data and allows making informed decisions. Level of analyzing capabilities heavily depends on your vendor or budget allocated for the project.


Clearly, HR digitization has come a long way. Technology has contributed greatly to industry automation, more effective management, and better engagement. A new era of technology will see inefficiencies culled out and a proof of concept for the emerging software. Next-gen tools focus on creating systems of productivity.

MeU Solutions already exists more than 05 years on the IT market and we can boast about an abundant portfolio. We’ve built a large number of mobile apps and websites for various niches and industries. So we can bring the Next-gen HRM system has its own set of additional features for an individual niche it is built for.

Maybe, if you like something, you can request to add a new feature for your need. Drop us a message at Contact Page.

In the meanwhile, please keep a lookout for our upcoming communique announcements where we will be sharing more details with you regarding launching events.

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