Our Expertise

For many years we have been growing our software industry expertise with the latest technologies and have been including them in our workflows proven the optimal solution for achieving our client business objectives. Our team can provide a wide range of mobile, web, desktop, and enterprise software technology expertise across all major development environments, frameworks, and platforms.

What sets us apart from others?

We deliver innovative products for different verticals, specialized domain requirements, and niche markets.



Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance



Real Estate

Real Estate


Logistics and Transportation

Social Networking

Social Networking



Gaming & Media

Media & Entertainment

Travel & Booking



Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)


DevOps and Cloud Integration


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

digital transformation

Digital Transformation

Data warehouse

AI and Machine Learning



At this stage, we build your trust in our capability by offering various activities to demonstrate how well we understand your problems and how good at our solutions to fit into the context. We offer:

  • A pilot phase with very low cost
  • A Pre-assessment on what your needs
  • Consultancy with technical solutions and a partial implementation for validation
Rapid Go-To-Market

Rapid Go-To-Market

When the trust built, solutions identified and at the moment we understand fully your problems, we start building a powerful go-to-market system that acts as the essential path to success, a system with diverse frameworks to keep your business in sync with its market. Go-To-Market. You can pick up one of the models that work for your business as:

  • A dedicated team with mix & match (senior and junior combined)
  • A project with constraints time and budgets
  • Consultancy with technical solutions and a partial implementation for validation
Biz Accelerator

Biz Accelerator

It’s time for transformation. We call it as when Wild is great than Mild. It means that you believe your product has to be changed to adopt new technological trends for your rapidly growing business. And when you need to develop new capabilities for this new transformation. We with certain expertise to provide new solutions and implement them into your operations. Biz Accelerator is going through 3 phases:

  • A team of SME to identify solutions and build a Proof of Concepts, validate its efficiency
  • Fully implement the solution in Kanban manner
  • Test, Operate and Enhance to align with strategy

Technologies and Tools Stack

We use best-in-class software development technologies and tools to deliver
enterprise-grade software that is scalable, highly secure & interoperable.

Tailored solution based upon clients need

Distributed Software solutions

Cloud-native or cloud first approach

Post Launch Support

Adoption of best practices with iterative agile development and testing cycles

Rapid Prototyping

Scalable & Interoperable

Micro-services architecture

Flexible Pricing Model

Faster time to market

Quality assurance

Specialized in B2B software

Full Stack Development


We listen attentively, work creatively and take a user-centric design approach to every product we develop. Be it web or mobile apps.
We firmly believe in the custom development approach and we reject cookie-cutter solutions to the design. Driven by design thinking we try to solve complex problems and find desirable solutions by employing logic, creativity, intuition and systemic reasoning.

Front - End Technologies

Frontend is the final meeting point between the end user and our system. As we acknowledge the importance of it, we naturally take special care about frontend development.

Relying on a number of modern web and mobile development principles, we are making beautiful and intuitive frontend apps. By utilizing new features provided by HTML5 and CSS3 coupled with JavaScript/jQuery and a number of popular frameworks (i.e. Bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate, AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS) we strive to use contemporary trends. In order to meet the goals set by our clients, we employ modular coding methodologies, such as OOCSS / BEM / SMACSS, and provide them with responsive web apps available across browsers and platforms.

react native

Back - End Technologies

Whether we’re developing a web app, custom back-end system or an API, we create architectures that work best with your product. The technologies we use are well-documented, mainstream, secure and enable easy scaling.
It's all about building a product that works seamlessly, meet market needs and creating an enjoyable user experience.
We work with a variety of clients and have a huge experience in developing back-end solutions for trading platforms and banking solutions, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, client relationship management (CRM) systems accounting solutions and back-ends for web and mobile applications.

Data Storage

We consider databases to be the foundation of every application we create. This is why we put great effort in the process of database design.

Our database developers and programmers have deep knowledge and extensive hands-on experience gained through successful completion of sophisticated projects that have incorporated various, stable and tested database engines.


We understand the importance of building a flexible and cost-effective IT infrastructure to move IT to an “as a service” model that can be scaled.
This is why we take on a holistic approach to solving complexities and infrastructure issues.
We help companies plan, architect, build, migrate and integrate IaaS solutions across different cloud environments.
Be it private, public or multicloud, our deep expertise in working with major cloud infrastructure providers will help you elevate your IaaS solution and scale it seamlessly.

100+ Clients

Trusted on Us

MeU made significant progress, successfully completing the first project phase and delivering a demo for potential customers. MeU distinguished themselves with their responsive communication, agile methodology, and security testing expertise.

Hieu Nguyen Founder & CTO

The collaboration was marked by problem-free project management. If any questions or issues popped up, their team was prompt at getting in touch. What stood out the most, though, was their detailed weekly status reports, which helped fill a skill gap in the internal team.

Hieu Nguyen Product Manager

I would say quality and intelligence and teamwork, those are the 3 things that I think some of our engagement with MeU and the way that our quality assurance tester was able to accomplish a lot with that on the daily basis and also fit in the team and really be part of what we do every day.


They have a collaborative attitude and a willingness to cover items outside of the initial scope. The system has helped to improve workflow and overall performance. Delivering core components quickly, the team continues to produce segments on time. Their expertise promotes progress, making them a valuable partner.

Manh Nguyen IT Director

MeU did a very good job and delivered a very good quality product. The team delivered high-quality results within a tight time-frame.

Dale BeGroup QA Manager

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