Offshore Development Centers

Offshore Development Centers (ODC) is a cost-effective model for your organizations that want to increase your productivity by reducing costs and without organizing new working places and spending time on searching and hiring reliable & talent professionals How does our ODC work?

A full-time team allocated into a long-term engagement. These professionals work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. We understand that in this Agile world, it is important to have live communication, so we have boundary Spanner who will adjust her/his working hours to coordinate between organizationsIn addition, Our Ambassadors are available on 24/7 calls for any emergency

Our People

  • Proven Records with High Performance Website

Web applications should be aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and responsive. Our web development expertise spans wide and far using technologies such as jQuery, JavaScript, require.JS, Durandal JS, HTML 5 and JSON. With expertise of large-scale web application development, we are offering a range of solutions to build a high performance, ready-to-scale website. All of web projects use database technology in one way or another, our specialists can assist you in another advanced database modeling and performance tuning, and will implement the best solutions for your data management.

  • Expertise with Native iOS/Android Application Development

Our mobile development expertise covers the following technologies: iOS, Android platform. Check out here for successful cases.