[Video] CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) Attacks tutorial & Exploit CSRF in DVWA (Low, High Level)

A successful CSRF attack can be devastating for both the business and user. It can result in damaged client relationships, unauthorized fund transfers changed passwords and data theft—including stolen session cookies.

csrf attack - meu solutions

CSRFs are typically conducted using malicious social engineering, such as an email or link that tricks the victim into sending a forged request to a server. As the unsuspecting user is authenticated by their application at the time of the attack, it’s impossible to distinguish a legitimate request from a forged one. For more about OWASP Top 10 Application Security Risks – 2017, please see here.

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Watch this video to learn:

– What is a CSRF attack

– The details of a CSRF attack

– How to defend against Cross-Site Request Forgery

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