Software Development Methodology

We, at MeU follow industry standard processes for project execution. We work very closely with our clients during each stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and we continually review our process methodology for improvement to ensure we provide quality deliverables to our clients.

Agile Methodology

Agile Software Development Methodology enforces collaboration between project teams for evolving requirements. We follow SCRUM & Kanban practices of Agile development for managing software product development or application development where our software development team collaborate with customer project stakeholders at every phase of the project to deliver a market-ready software. To facilitate successful execution of agile development process, we use various tools like JIRA, Assembla, Bitbucket and alike.

Agile Development process
Iterative Development process

Iterative Methodology

In Iterative Development approach, the project is divided into small modules allowing the development team to obtain relevant feedback from project stakeholders for each released module. Each iteration is a Waterfall process itself, with the feedback from one phase getting passed on to the next phase for improved release. Each phase consists of a specific set of deliverables based on the defined project requirements. Continuous feedback and improvements after each iteration helps to launch a stable software product.

Waterfall Methodology

This is a traditional development model which follows a sequential process through the phases of Requirement, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment and Maintenance. It is important to sign-off each phase before starting with a next phase in the process, for a smooth project execution. In addition, following proper documentation and project plan make it work perfectly for any small to mid-size software development projects. MeU offers a custom waterfall development model with collaborative approach wherein clearly defined requirements and continuous insights about the project ensure success.

Waterfall Development process

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