Key Features

Shinobi uses Machine Learning to detect controls and their types.

Key Features

Use heuristics library to recommend test ideas to Tester
Use Machine Learning to capture and learn all test execution, recognize test bias, and recommend test ideas for current test execution.

4 Core Pieces

+ Assistant

+ Intelligent (AI, ML)

+ Heuristics

+ Time-Saving

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    Test Assistant for Context-Driven Testers. It's a virtual tester who improves the test quality and coaches junior testers to be the responsible Testers.
    Shinobi has been recognized its value in exploratory testing at a Computer Science Conference at Danang University and at International Conference on Industrial Networks and Intelligent System

    Genius Points

    Artificial Intelligent (AI), Machine Learning (ML)

    + Better (Quality)

    + Faster (Agility)

    + Less Expensive (Efficiency)