ERP, CRM, HRM System Development Solutions

MeU Solutions is ready to offer you ERP, CRM, and HRM system development solutions in order to make the work of your business more automated, efficient, and profitable.

What sets us apart from others?

We deliver innovative products for different verticals, specialized domain requirements, and niche markets.

We have developed several successful solutions and gained vast experience and knowledge in developing custom ERP solutions in Logistics, Construction, Customer, and Business services. This allows us to save time and help estimate the cost of your project in advance.

Take a look at one of the latest projects – Digital Transformation Starts With ERP System in order to evaluate our skills and understand the development process from within.

Development of ERP, CRM, HRM system is performed by using the Agile Methodology. The customer can control the development of the software in real-time, view the results of each iteration, add, modify, and eliminate the functional features if required. We have a flexible approach to cooperation and are always ready to adapt to changes in demands.


Agile Development process

CRMCustomer Relationship Management (CRM)

Analyze and improve your customer interactions throughout the customer lifecycle to enhance customer service, improve customer retention rate, and increase sales.

HRMHuman Resource Management (HRM)

HRM is a tool of personnel management (personnel decisions, performance evaluation, motivation, vacation schedules, training, the creation of a personnel reserve).

workflow managementDynamic Workflow Management (DWM)

Automate your business processes, improve communication across different departments, and reduce costs. It will help you to both accelerate and unify business processes, saving time and money.

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