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As a result of the digital transformation, the complexity of web applications continues to increase and as release delivery cycles shorten, testers need to provide quality feedback to developers instantaneously. The key to making software testing smarter and more efficient is Artificial Intelligence (AI). By incorporating machines that can accurately emulate human behavior, testers can move beyond traditional, manual testing models and toward automated ones. Customers will be able to automate test cases fully. By adding AI to test creation, execution, and data analysis, testers can more quickly identify controls, spot links between defects and other components, and eliminate the need to update test cases by manual means continually.


In the effort to become a leading vendor of state-of-the-art, MeU Solutions has just announced its two AI-related products called Shinobi and One2Explore. Shinobi has been presented as a virtual tester assistant at INISCOM Conference and then its paper has been published at According to Mr. Nhat Do – CEO of MeU Solutions, while many testing experts and practitioners are talking about how to test AI Products, we still have another angle is to leverage AI into our testing and make it more efficient. Shinobi is a framework that uses Heuristics and Machine Learning for web application testing. Shinobi employs ML to overcome challenges from technology changes and makes smarter from learning experience from testers over time on the same application.

Shinobi provides a set of many features that can be categorized into three groups:

  1. Using ML to detect controls and their types, and use the heuristic library to recommend test ideas to testers.
  2. Using ML to capture and learn all test executions, recognize bias and recommend test ideas for current test execution.
  3. Reporting test execution results combined with heuristics learned from all test executions in the form of mind-map.

MeU Solutions believes that this AI era has no border between human and machine.

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