Software Testing Without Borders Workshop at Duy Tan University

“Software Testing Without Borders” Workshop at Duy Tan University

On February 5th, Duy Tan University and MeU Solutions held a workshop entitled “Software Testing Without Borders”, attended by students of Information Technology.
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The workshop allowed DTU lecturers and students to broaden their knowledge

Software testing is the process of identifying the accuracy and quality of applications, to check if the software satisfies the specific requirements and expectations of the customer, to detect errors and correct them.
Mr. Do Hoang Nhat, Director of MeU Solutions, said: “Although software testing has been conducted in Vietnam for a long time now, only recently has it become a vital and specialized field, with a large potential for development. MeU Solutions is developing a new testing application which can be used in most businesses and we will tell you about it today.” 
meu solutions and duy tan university

Mr. Do Hoang Nhat and Mr. Nguyen Duc Man


The “Software Testing Without Borders” workshop helped DTU lecturers and students of Information Technology to discuss careers in software testing.

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For additional information about this workshop, you can read it on Duy Tan University website.

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