Software Testing Without Border: A Seminar at HUTECH University

Software testing industry is continuously changing. Especially, in VN, it is rapidly growing and transforming from traditional one to modern models to be more “easy-fit” & “better-change”. One of the testing school represents these modern known as “Context-Driven Testing”. This school has been coined by Cem Kaner and has been becoming more popular & valuable in recent years. MeU Solutions was one of the software leaders in VN modified this approach and invented the innovative tools to employ it to all their testing business. As a result of willing-to-change, we harvest a significant success from their business growth. This is demanding them to developing more talent testers in this field. The strategy in their people development for upcoming years is to bring this school into University and train the students to get better off understanding and being familiar with the approach prior to hiring them and coach them to be exploratory practitioners.

Software Testing without Border 2

In association with VN University, MeU Solutions has established the partnership with HUTECH, Ton Duc Thang and the University of Science. All these Universities are the most famous names in VN. Last Friday, MeU Solutions CEO and their Managing Director had a seminar with its topic “Software Testing Without Border” – the seminar creates a new look about software testing, it does not limit at testing techniques. But more to it, the seminar provides guidance in thinking and evaluating the product under testing through using heuristic and oracles. A student at HUTECH shared “I’m very excited about software testing. I have not thought of testing like that before joining this seminar. Be sure that I will enroll this training when it is available.”

Software Testing without Border 1

In addition, MeU Solutions also collaborates with these Universities on AI Technology Research and Training with the objective is to grow their capability and fulfill the high needs from their development projects. Aims to this objective, MeU Solutions comes with the decision for starting off “On-The-Fly” program which combines between Software Architects who are working in R&D at MeU and MS & PhD-qualified lecturers in VN University.

Software Testing without Border 3

You can read the additional info about this event on HUTECH website.

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