Asset Management - BeeTrack

Solution Manager at Brother International

With three months given for testing a critical product called BeeTrack, MeU Solutions contributed to the success of this product in many facets. Their testing was not only to find bugs and errors but also building the product vision from testing standpoints of end-users. Mr.Ken, Solution Manager at Brother International was very happy with all deliverables and recommendations made by MeU Solutions. In this collaboration, MeU Solutions has been proven themselves as a trusted partner in software engineering industry.Asset Management - BeeTrack

About the BeeTrack, it is an Asset Management System which consists of a web application for planning, managing asset and a mobile web application being run on both iOS and Android for performing asset status audits. The system is developed from scratch by a distributed development team, less documentation, and MeU Solutions is played as the consultant of the quality of the product.

With this system, MeU Solutions decided to apply Context Driven Testing combined using test tools (Jira as test management and defect tracking system; Product Coverage Outline with Xmind, One2Explore, One2Test (MeU Solutions’s IP), status report with Testing Dashboard) to gain efficiency in learning, exploring & testing the product on both desktop web and mobile application, with the following procedure:

  • A team of expert testers on both manual testing and using tools to test was formed.
  • The team conducted a session (2 hours) to analyze product coverage outline-PCO which is leveraged to communicate with Product Owner on product knowledge and support test strategy (based on Heuristics Testing Strategy Model).
  • With know-how of product, the testing team generated many test charters to cover at max PCO. Test charters were rated from Low to High as its priority with client’s agreement.
  • For primary platform, all charters needed to cover elements of PCO. But other ones, only crucial charters for sanity and compatibility tests
  • The testing team with pairwise testing to perform test charters with using and Exploratory Tracker
  • Debriefing for each test session to identify improvements and missing/ un-touching areas during active session executed.
  • Deliverables included:
    • Test plan
    • Defect report
    • Product coverage outline with test charters
    • Product risk assessment which supported product/ management team to have the whole view of product quality healthy.

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