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Building A Logistics Technology Platform

A Software Development Case Study


Our client is one of the leaders in Logistics in Vietnam.


The client wants to build a digital logistics platform designed to help businesses, entrepreneurs, and consumers tap into the global economy. This platform is a digital service that is designed to simplify the LCL (Less than Container Loading) buying experience. It removes the complexities from the buying process, providing you only with the best LCL options available in the market.

          • Since the project duration was short (3 months) and full specifications were not yet available, Agile methodology was applied with two weeks sprints to implement the application based on defined user stories.
          • Parallel testing and continuous integration were used to identify problems early to be fixed in the next sprint.
          • Time to prepare and design for UI of the site is short and lacking documents and requirements from the client.


Based on customer needs, MeU Solutions formed a dedicated team with developers, testers, technical architect, business analyst, UX/UI designers, and professional support staff to handle all aspects of development for the product portfolio: Schedules management, import/export multiple schedules, Rating & Comments, Dashboard/Reports, Vessels & Voyages, Booking Process tracking, Revenue report, etc.

After each release, the team reviewed the portfolio with the customer to identify areas that needed to be enhanced in the next release.
In the first phase, MeU formed a core team with technical leads and business analysts to learn about shipping logistics workflows and processes, analyze the current systems, and propose a professional solution.

In the second phase, we formed a development and testing team to solve the customer’s urgent needs on both fixing bugs in the existing applications and developing new features.

In the third phase, we expanded the team to support the customer’s remaining applications.


With MeU’s dedicated and proficient team, the client was able to rise above their problems and increase profitability for their business. The following results have been achieved in our project:

          • By applying many solutions, the project was completed on-time and ready to deploy to the end customers after only three months.
          • Applying the established MeU engineering processes, the team handled multiple projects with minimal overhead from the customer on monitoring and tracking while assuring high quality of all deliveries.
          • Helped customers define the long product roadmap and consulted them on the new technologies and platforms to implement.
          • Standardized QA environments with automated deployments
          • Efficiency in end-to-end business processes by streamlining internal and external operations.
          • Elimination of manual entries and reduction of errors due to human mistakes.
          • Improved decision making through the achievement of data integrity and real-time reporting.
          • The application’s architecture has the potential to be upgraded to future versions with the ability to support the Android and iOS platform.
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