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Testing of a Luxury Hotel Rating System

A Software Testing Case Study


MeU’s client is the only independent, global rating system for luxury hotels, restaurants, and spas. The company created the first Five-Star rating system in the United States started in 1958. Today, their incognito inspectors travel the world, evaluating properties based on up to 900 rigorous, objective standards. The company’s annual Star Ratings, reviews, and daily travel stories help discerning travelers select the world’s best luxury experiences.


Our client’s first goal was to have an excellent testing team with the high testing skill for their system, and they have high expectations for QA tester that the skill could match the level of experience and expertise of the Agile Development team, in which fast response to changes, customer-focus, build needs to be released every two weeks. And secondly, QA team has to understand the Agile process and be strong in manual testing skills, automation testing skills, and security skills. Especially, the rating system provides reports for the luxury hospitality industry, so their clients/readers also have high expectations (must be accurate and meticulous) when receiving the online report. Hence the testing must make sure that everything should work perfectly and seamless before releasing the report online, the testing need to provide:

          • Broader test coverage, better test quality
          • Faster test design, and execution
          • Automation for the regression testing
          • Better testing report and collaboration among the development team
          • An overall reduction in testing costs, especially test automation


The QA has to do daily testing on two websites (supported most modern browsers) and mobile applications on iOS and Android (supported most recent versions) which were built on complex technology, lacking product requirements documents. And have difficult business logic, work with a huge amount of data, calculation of statistical data demanded the creation of test cases to cover all possible options of the app use. MeU Solutions decided to perform the approach as below:

          • For manual testing, QA team will apply Context-Driven Testing, Exploratory Testing combined with testing tools One2Explore (testing record tool) and One2Test (test management tool) – developed by our company to gain efficiency in learning and understanding the system while playing, exploring & testing the products. After exploring all the systems, the QA engineers made a checklist to perform regression testing before the releases. A Mind Map for the app was also created to collect and manage the test idea. Design and execute the test in One2Explore, and the test result will synchronize to One2Test automatically to provide quick visualization about testing activities for the management team.
          • For automation testing, implemented our QA Automation solution – One2Automate to support regression testing which integrated test design, automation, management tool and can be easily expanded and maintained with each new release cycle.
          • For security testing, applied OWASP Top Ten practices for finding compromised data in the system, also written python scripts that can be able to periodically check the known vulnerabilities in the system for each regression testing phase.

Besides that our client also had a blog website with a lot of articles with many broken links and SEO issues when they migrated the blog to WordPress, and change HTTP to HTTPS. So, our QA team actively develop a small tool to scan the blog to find the dead links, identify the SEO issues, and report the finding monthly to the client. This truly helped to improve the reader experience when surfing the website.


The following results have been achieved in our project:

          • Security testing helped to identify and further eliminate the critical issues in the application. Several critical/ major security defects were found in the application, the client and development team are very appreciative of the finding, and these defects were helped developer aware of the weak point in the system.
          • Manual testing made it possible to identify numerous errors in the application interface.
          • During cross-browser and cross-platform testing, errors in various browsers and platforms were found
          • Exploratory testing helped to uncover the complex logic and non-trivial bugs
          • Using One2Automate solution, MeU has reduced test regression time by 67% from the previous “traditional” testing giving opportunities to reduce the overall cost of testing and to provide the chance for the new features to go live faster.
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