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Digital Transformation Starts With ERP System

Building an ERP system in DevOps Environment Case Study


MeU’s client is one of the large real estate companies, which has been found in March 2010. For a decade, from a brokerage company with few employees, the client has grown into a strong corporation with 12 member companies with a large network of agents and representative offices.

The company’s main business line is:

          • Real Estate Investment and Development
          • Real Estate Brokerage and Consulting
          • Civil Works and Construction
          • Investment Consulting for Real Estate projects
          • Legal Consulting for Real Estate projects


In the context of the momentum of development nowadays, the client is undertaking a restructuring of the entire corporation to prepare for a new leap forward. This restructuring, coupled with the company development needs, the client recognizes the key role of information technology management 4.0. This is an indispensable factor in the restructuring strategy. Additionally, although all of the client’s business processes were either manual or paper-based and it had little technological communication either internally or with its sister firm, the company was growing by leaps and bounds. In order to continue providing outstanding service to customers and meet increased sales demand, the company needed to modernize and integrate its system and improve its business processes. Because of these, the client seeks a reliable partner for building and implementing a secure and effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Problem Highlights:

          • Exponential growth
          • Inconsistent operational strategies
          • Simplifying the process and reinforcing the operations.
          • Manual business processes
          • Be always ready for future operations.
          • No ERP system to manage demands of high growth
          • Sister company upgraded to an ERP system and communication between the two companies was difficult
          • This sector requires the most professional and flexible knowledge and integral management.

Rationalizing the business operations as well as integrating all the business operations in the unique ERP System.


With more than 10 years of experience in developing custom ERP solutions, MeU Solutions were up for the challenge! When developing the system we have to incorporate all the lessons learned from past experience. With our experience, we were able to anticipate many of the business challenges and started to add value even before understanding the specifics of every problem. It was conceived as a flexible solution that could be easily tailored to the business processes of our client that adopted it. This is one of our long-term projects and we are still working with this project with a dedicated and proficient team of 15 members to consult, design, implement, and testing the complete ERP system.

We followed our agile development integrated with toolchains as part of DevOps framework and in addition with ADIT (Analysis, Development, Testing, Improvement) methodology to deliver maximum value to our client, besides that leveraging cloud and data analytics as to the key innovative technology trend and decision making support to provide a strong digital transformation platform to our client:

          1. Analysis: MeU’s experienced techno-consultants worked with various client stakeholders to understand business specifics and the specific needs of the various departments. Once we had all the requirements, we defined the ideal system architecture & strategy that would meet various departmental needs, automate processes and enable communication through the value chain.
          2. Development: Based on the approved design specifications, our technologists worked with the client’s business units to develop the ERP system on a module-by-module basis, ensuring each module developed connected with the existing one and provided streamlined operations.
          3. Testing: Our in-house QA team tested the product thoroughly. The product had to meet MeU’s high-quality standards and be compliant with the client’s business requirements. Our proprietary testing processes (Context-Driven Testing, Exploratory Testing, Automation Testing, Performance Testing, and Security Testing) helped to improve performance, security, and quality of services for internal users, external users, consumers, and speed up the time to market for the solution and cut customer losses.
          4. Improvement: At MeU, we are never content with developing a good product. We strive to develop a product that would maximize business value for the client. In line with these principles, even after successful delivery, our team analyzed operations and further improved the delivered solution for the client.

For the testing of this product, testing in the DevOps environment is more fast-paced than in an Agile setting, which advocates automating every possible task from testing to deployment. MeU Solutions has mastered the art of continuous testing and engaging test automation at each phase, to realize the maximum and fastest ROI. Let’s check out our model as below:

Let’s see continuous testing brings us the values:

          • Automating feasible tasks
          • Rapid tests to ensure faster feedbacks
          • Smart regression testing
          • Execution of automated tests (cross-platform, cross-browser, and cross-device)
          • Test environments and processes are standardized and the deployment on QA systems are automated.
          • All pre-testing tasks, cleanups, post-testing tasks, etc. are automated and aligned with the Continuous Integration cycle.
          • Fast time to market for new features release


There are many ERP modules in this ERP system needed by the client. Each module of an ERP system corresponds to a major functional area of an organization. An ERP system is designed to include modules so that it is easy to access a particular option; it is easy to train staff, easy to provide security features, and the app is intuitive, dynamic and simple to use, staff finds it easy to understand.

          • Procurement To Pay (P2P)
          • Project Management System (PMS)
          • Human Resource Management (HRM)
          • Document Management System (DMS)
          • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
          • Performance Management and Training (PMT)
          • Management Information System (MIS)
          • Warehousing and Inventory Management
          • (Dynamic) Workflow Management System
          • Help Desk System

 Technology Stacks

          • Web stack: C#, SQL Server, Vue.Js, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, IIS, ASP MVC.
          • .NET stack: WPF, .NET Framework 4.5
          • DevOps: CI/CD Architecture
          • Performance testing: Jmeter, Dockers
          • Automated API testing: Postman, Jenkins
          • Automation Testing: One2Automate with DevOps Value
          • Version Control: Git, Maven


With MeU’s dedicated and proficient team, the client was able to rise above their problems and increase profitability for their business. The following results have been achieved in our project:

          • Helped customers define the long product roadmap and consulted them on the new technologies and platforms to implement.
          • Provided the intensive skill resource to design the complete systems that can reuse, scale, and save cost. Advantages associated with working with a DevOps team with a diverse and comprehensive skill set.
          • Standardized QA environments with automated deployments
          • Efficiency in end-to-end business processes by streamlining internal and external operations.
          • Elimination of manual entries and reduction of errors due to human mistakes.
          • Improved decision making through the achievement of data integrity and real-time reporting.
          • Better inventory control by eliminating manual processes and by improving inventory accuracy, 100% visibility of inventory that is on hand, shipped, in transit and delivered
          • Reduce workload for staff such as HR, providing transparently mapping the HR procedures, Timekeeper machine with Payroll calculation.
          • Total satisfaction with their new, improved, and easy-to-use ERP system.
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