A Test Automation Solution For Desktop, Mobile and Web Application


One2Automate is as an appropriate automation solution? Automation is no longer big concerns with One2Automate. With all its capability, One2Automate is a good answer for all questions as follows

We have a bunch of test cases available in test suite with lot of steps. How can we automate all of them to reduce the cost for regression test?
We know the value of automation. But, it is hard to make an investment when we don’t know and verify exactly its ROI. Any approach for this concern?
“I want to use automation testing, but my testers don’t have the coding experience”. Is there any solution that helps them to be able to perform automation?
We've our own framework, but it's not supporting new technology, we don’t want to rebuild new one. Is there any solution to gain automation efficiency?





To make great benefits with One2Automate?

Experts build expert
One2Automate is an open test automation framework was built by testing professionals. They are automation experts with hands-on knowledge and experience over 15 years in the software industry.
A Solution-Based Framework
Code free, easy to use, quick scripting, open to integrating with all other systems (CI, automation tools), and more importantly One2Automate is open for customization to fit your needs.
Manual Testers can do automation effectively
No need training and high skills with automation programming, manual testers can script and perform automation easily via intuitive GUI. Built with Page-Object-Model & Model-View-Control.

A world of automation which is easier than ever One2Automate is not only a test framework, but is as Automation Test Management Tool and integrate all other framework

Code Free

Support Code Free with intuitive GUI which is a great choice with manual testers

Automation Ability

Support many types of automation ranging from desktop to web & mobile apps

Keyword Development Model

Built with Keyword Driven Model & being interact-able with all other automation

Test Distribution

Support test distribution which makes more efficient performance & productivity

Multi-Language Support

Support multiple languages when needing to integrate with other frameworks

Importantly!!! Free, Open and Good Support

Finally, it is free and open under great technical support from MeU Solutions

Diagnose Ability

Facilitate easy mechanics to diagnose automation tests and address troubles

Cross-Browser Support

Support multiple browsers and mobile platforms: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE in many versions


All automation solutions like various automation tools and framework (QTP, Ranorex, your own framework,…) can be integrated into One2Automate as complete solutions


From good to great, One2Automate as A Solution?


Number of test cases automated


Number of manual testers using One2Automate


Number of programming languages supported


Industry domains with projects using One2Automate


Number of Web Browsers supported by One2Automate


Number of test scripts created by 1 tester per day with One2Automate


A world of automation which is easier than ever. One2Automate is not only a test framework, but is as Automation Test Management Tool and integrate all other frameworks. A Test Automation Solution for Desktop, Mobile, and Web Applications. If you are demanding automation, One2Automate will be an appropriate solution


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